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What if I told you that you could make a real, measurable difference in your life and the world around you for less than the cost of a regular cup of coffee per day (just $1)?

What if your dollar could give you a VIP Pass to monthly, live, group “Best Life Classes” with a sought-after coach and teacher who wants to help you figure out and live your BEST life possible?

What if your dollar provided you with proven strategies, “how-to’s” and support so that you never had to go it alone yet had the tools you could apply to any area of your life at any time?

What if your dollar also automatically helped to empower women, children, and families all across India to fight poverty, find their voice, and renew their hope?

And what if that same dollar could enhance your own life with beautiful, inspirational gifts
that were handmade with love by artisans and delivered to your door?

When you join the Wild and Wise Sisterhood, you’ll not only enjoy the delight of unwrapping a box of intricately handcrafted, socially conscious gifts 4x per year … and be able to access exclusive monthly live group trainings, you’ll also be helping support women and families in India with fair wages, education, improved health care and preservation of traditional artforms and craftsmanship.

Here’s How You Can Change the World…
… With Just $1 a Day

Only $99 / Box

Just Over $1 A Day to Change A Life, Get Presents You Love, and So Much More!

Join the Sisterhood!

Just For Starters, Every Wild and Wise Sisterhood Subscription Box…

  • Allows talented artisans in India to receive livable wages and lead a more dignified quality of life (earning 30% more than in conventional markets)
  • Supports women with new opportunities to participate in free trade, find their voice, and step outside their traditional roles in a male-dominated society
  • Empowers artisans to hone their skills and further their own education
  • Gives artisans’ children the opportunity to go to school and create a brighter future
  • Includes socially and environmentally conscious gifts that were handcrafted using sustainable, ethical practices that respect people and our planet
  • Reinvests in our partner communities through exclusive Wild and Wise SETU Projects
  • And so much more…

All for only $99 / box, or about $1 a day.

Your Quarterly Gift Box
Subscription Includes

  • A personally curated collection of 6-8 handcrafted, socially conscious gifts
  • A combined suggested retail value of $150 – $200+ in the gift box alone
  • A personal message from our founder and your Soul Sister, Christa Thompson
  • A beautiful and framable 5×7 inspirational quote for daily motivation
  • Story cards that introduce you to the artisans & the traditional art forms represented
  • A Share the Love card that gives your loved ones $10 off as new members
  • Plus: Exclusive updates on the meaningful difference you’re making through our Wild and Wise SETU Projects in India
  • And: Monthly, live, group “Best Life” classes with Christa and her expert special guests!

Only $1 a Day to Change a Life… and Get Premium Quality, Unique Gifts You’ll Love!

Join The Sisterhood

Change A Life With Just $1 A Day.
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Wild and Wise Sisterhood Believes
Empowered Women Empower Other Women

Here’s How You Have the Power to Change Lives through the
Wild and Wise Butterfly Effect

Enhance Your Own Life

Here is your chance to participate in the coaching and guided “Self Work” you have always wanted that always felt out of reach!

We believe at Wild and Wise Sisterhood that in order to “Reach Back” to help others, we need to do our own work to be our best selves and live our best lives too.

For the first time you can receive focused training on YOUR BEST LIFE every single month at an affordable membership price.

Empower Other Women

Sisterhood is about supporting one another to live our best lives and celebrating the brilliance each of us brings.

Through your Sisterhood membership you will be empowering each sister who walks this journey with you as together you refuse to play small in your own lives.

You will also be empowering women you may never meet – women across the globe who have crafted items for your gift box and who you have shown love and support by allowing them to share their craft with you.

Every Box Sold Gives $15 Back!

Our favorite part? We reinvest a HUGE portion of gross revenue back into the artisan communities we partner with.

We’ll donate $7.50 from each box sold, and our partner Matr Boomie will match that contribution dollar for dollar, for a total contribution of $15 per box that goes directly back to Indian villages in need!

These Wild and Wise SETU Projects will transform even more lives through the improvement of health care, education, work conditions, and so much more.

Isn’t that a movement you’d like to be a part of?

Join the Sisterhood!

Change A Life With $1 A Day.
FREE Shipping in Contiguous U.S.
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Just One Box Has the Power to Change A Life,

and the Life You Change Could Be Your Own.

Share the Love.

Buy a Box.

Join the Sisterhood!

Change A Life With Just $1 A Day.

Join the Sisterhood that is changing the world one box at a time, starting today.

See What Others Are Saying about the Best Gift Box on the Market Today

I love this concept of women supporting other women and I now know what my corporate and birthday gifts are going to be! There is so much in this box, and I know that my daughters are going to steal the Sari headband immediately. You know normally in these boxes are samples from cosmetic companies that want you to buy their products. But this box is actually things that you would use that are supporting other women. This is fantastic. Christa I love it.

~Mel Robbins #1 Best-Selling Author of The 5 Second Rule

This box is amazing. It is something super important and special that we can contribute to. I love the idea of being able to feel the spirit of the artisans when I open the box and hold these gifts, and be inspired by what they have created. When we empower women we empower each other and ourselves, and that means so much to me. Thank you Christa for creating the Sisterhood. I am PROUD to be a part of it!

~ Christina Lerchen Featured Author & Founder of The Best Unexpected.

Christa… I am absolutely SPEECHLESS! THIS IS CRAZY GOOD! HOLY SMOKIN’ CROW! What a work of Passion, of Art, of Faith …of Love …of leaping off into the Abyss… WOW!! I am so GOBsmacked!

~ Robina Darcy-Fox Owner / Energy Facilitator / Designer / Artist

Wouldn’t It Feel Amazing to Treat Yourself to Beautiful, Handcrafted Gifts That Make a Real Difference in the World?

If You LOVE the Idea Of…

  • Monthly live group “Best Life” Classes taught by sought-after coaches and experts
  • Learning strategies and “how-to’s” to define and design the life you long for
  • Receiving beautifully designed, unique gifts handmade with love by artisans in India
  • Empowering other women to find their voice and break free from gender inequality
  • Receiving upto twice the value of your membership in your gift box alone
  • Having it delivered to your door as a personally selected, special gift, to celebrate YOU
  • Helping skilled artisans fight poverty, lead a dignified quality of life, & express creativity
  • Loving & respecting our planet with environmentally conscious, fair trade certified goods
  • Knowing that every item has been created with materials that have been ethically sourced
  • Giving families the opportunity to earn fair wages and send their children to school
  • And so much more…
  • Then I’d like to personally invite you to be a part of the Wild and Wise Sisterhood movement, and receive the gift box that empowers YOU to change the world today.

    For only $99 (4 times a year – it is a quarterly subscription), you can make a difference that will impact women, families, and communities for generations to come. Plus, you’ll enjoy over $50-$100+ in savings in every single box AND monthly life classes you can return to again and again for inspiration, motivation, guidance and training.

    Is it really only $1 a day to make an incredible impact, contribute to empowering women, have exclusive access to monthly live trainings, while also getting beautiful handcrafted gifts delivered to my door?

    YES. It is.

    Together, I know we can create a more connected, compassionate, and love-filled world, and I really hope you’ll join us in this movement. Let’s be a part of something incredible together!

    Women are going to form a chain, a greater sisterhood than the world has ever known.
    “Nellie L. McClung

    Because there’s one thing stronger than magic: sisterhood. ~ Robin Benway

    Sisterhood Can Change the World.
    I Really Believe This To Be True.
    Join the Movement Risk Free Today!

    Join The Sisterhood!

    Only About $1 a Day for 4 Boxes a Year.
    FREE Shipping In Contiguous U.S.
    Cancel Any Time.

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