“We are bold and courageous, untamed and true, beautiful and magical, brilliant and divine.”— Christa Thompson

Christa Thompson is the CEO and Founder of the online women’s inspirational and empowerment community Wild and Wise® Women. With over 300,000 members and growing, Christa is not only an influencer and a Certified Coach with over 10,000 hours to her credit, she is also a trailblazer – creating a global village committed to empowering women around the world through community, inspiration, fair trade, entrepreneurship, education, and more.

Before committing herself full-time to Wild and Wise, Christa’s career has included achievements that are long and extensive, with roles and positions she has fully enjoyed and been proud of.  To learn more about Christa’s professional experience, connect with her on LinkedIn.  (Make sure you introduce yourself!)

In 2010, Christa was looking for something. She was looking for a safe space to connect with other women for support and community, inspiration and motivation, while managing career and life changes that were sometimes scary and lonely.

When she couldn’t find that place … she did what all trail blazers, visionaries and serial-entrepreneurs do … she created it herself.  Enter Wild and Wise Women.

Wild and Wise is an environment that allows for the freedom to laugh, dream, cry, celebrate and grow together. Members learn how to live a bold and untamed legacy that celebrates who they truly are, and positively impacts their children, family, community, and corporations forever. 

It is important to note, that Wild and Wise is also so much more than “just” a community. It has been acknowledged as a powerful movement deeply needed today. A movement that speaks to “empowered women empowering other women”, and a movement whose core philosophy is to “Reach Back and Rise Up”. 

Just one example of this is the Give Back Initiative incorporated into the Wild and Wise Sisterhood Subscription Box.  Christa has committed that $7.50 from the sale of each and every box is designated to improve health care, education, work conditions and daily living standards to the communities of the artisans who contribute to the gift box. Furthermore, her partner in this collaboration will match the funds for an incredible $15 total.

Christa, through Wild and Wise, has taken the steps towards truly changing and inspiring all those who take part in her mission. She hopes the Wild and Wise women of the world will use this platform to invest in themselves and in each other for their growth, confidence, courage, and freedom to create and live the life they design!