Good morning Sisters,

If you know anything about the Wild and Wise movement, you will know that giving is a cornerstone of not only our “business model”, but of our community values and our life design.

We believe that giving is mandatory to receiving, both from a “Law of Attraction” energetic position and from a straight-up scientific evidence point of view.  

Some of the most successful people on the planet today will agree that they receive more because they give. Not just more money, but something beyond that.  Something that can be far harder to obtain.  Giving apparently also increases your happiness. How great is that?

There have been a series of social experiments that show that whenever a person gives to another, it elevates her mood. Scientists explained that this is because giving changes your brain, not to mention that it has an effect on how other people treat you.

Wait … what?! Giving changes your brain? How does that work?

Studies have looked at how people react when they give.  Scientists found that whenever people give, that their brain releases a surge of endorphins – which are neurochemicals that make you feel euphoric.  They also experience a decrease in stress levels to as much as HALF!

Scientists call this the “Helper’s High”.

Giving then, on a regular basis, changes how the brain works and in turn, changes how a person experiences life.

When you give, you experience less stress and more happiness – which I am sure we can all agree provides amazing benefits to our mental, emotional and physical health.

This dovetails beautifully into another deeply help belief of the Wild and Wise Sisterhood – and that is “It takes a village.”  As sisters we are forming a community, one where we can lean on each other, where we help raise each other up, and where we offer a hand, a breath, a moment, a light.

And giving can be delightful and delicious too!  Just look at the Wild and Wise Sisterhood … here giving happens automatically as soon as you subscribe, you don’t have to do another darned thing.  

As you know … when you join the Wild and Wise Sisterhood – the Gift Box That Gives Back, not only:

  • do you receive a gift box filled to the brim with handcrafted, beautiful and unique items,
  • is $15 from every single box being donated BACK to improvement projects in the communities of the very Artisans who created your gifts
  • can you experience a surge of endorphins and a decrease in stress levels to as much as HALF

but ALSO you get to improve your mental, emotional and physical health and live with more happiness.  How crazy is all that?

Wherever you give in your life; whether you volunteer, donate time, money or skills to individuals or organizations that you believe in and have a need, keep it up! Your brain, and your heart, and your body will thank you. I thank you. The sisterhood thanks you.

Become a member of the Sisterhood. Join the Village.

You Are Loved,

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