Every Box Has a Story to Tell

Find Out How Just One Box Helps Artisans in India Find Their Voice, Support Their Families, and Express Their Creativity

Meet the Artisans Behind Your Box

In partnership with world-leading fair trade wholesaler Matr Boomie, we work with a vast network of 20,000+ artisans in about 40 different communities throughout India.

Featured Artisans:

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Every Craft Has A Heritage to Share

Every single surprise gift you get in your box was handmade by an artisan specializing in his or her craft. From appliqué and embroidery to soap making and recycled plastic weaving, these art forms empower individuals and families to achieve economic independence, receive an education, and drastically improve their overall quality of life.

You should know that each beautifully crafted product is made using traditional art forms, such as batik, wood carving, leather craft, weaving, and much, much more. By creating these modern products, the artisans are not only able to support themselves financially, but they are also helping share their culture and keep these traditional art forms alive for future generations!

Together, We Can Raise Up a New Generation of Women Leaders

Did You Know That There Are Currently 940 Females to 1000 Males in India?

The current sex ratio in India means women face extreme gender inequality. Fortunately, YOU have the power to make a difference when you purchase the Sisterhood Subscription Box.

The majority of the artisans we partner with through Matr Boomie are women. Your box supports these women artisans through fair trade, education, and economic independence.

It also empowers women to step outside of their traditional roles in a male-dominated society and give back to their families in ways they couldn’t before. As they gain confidence through their work, they also find their voice and help their children to do the same.

The women we support are delighted and proud to have the opportunity to contribute to their family’s income, showcase their art, and send all their children to school so that they can have even more opportunities to grow and thrive in the future.

The Best Gift Box on the Market Today

When you subscribe to Wild and Wise Sisterhood, you’re not just getting beautiful, handcrafted fair trade gifts delivered to your door 4 times a year, you’re helping women, children, and families throughout India achieve economic independence and shape a better future.

Our partner Matr Boomie is a member of the Fair Trade Federation and a certified Gold Business by Green Business America, so you can know that every item in your box has been fairly, ethically, and sustainably produced.

Plus, a full $15 from every box sold is contributed back to the Wild and Wise Setu Projects, our custom Giving Back Projects, which include the development of training and healthcare programs, schools, recycling, water filtration, and solar-powered energy initiatives throughout India.

This contribution is comprised of $7.50 from the Wild and Wise Sisterhood, and a dollar for dollar matched contribution by our partner Matr Boomie, so that you can give back a total of $15 (over 15% of gross revenue) to the communities that need it!

Wait! Does That Mean That a Total of $15 Will Be Donated, and
All I Do Is Subscribe?

Yes, it sure does!
YOU have the power to change lives. YOU can make a difference (while getting great gifts) today.

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2. Help contribute 15% of gross revenue, $15 from every single box sold, to
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