Aren’t the Best Gifts the Ones That Give Back?

Discover How You Can Feel Great About Receiving
Beautiful Gifts While Empowering Women and Impacting
Thousands of Lives in India

We Believe

  • Children should never be forced to choose between getting an education or helping their families survive
  • Everyone deserves a safe and healthy working environment
  • Every single person on this planet deserves love and respect
  • Women should be able to earn pay equal to men and have equal opportunities to thrive
  • Producers should be paid fair wages for their work
  • We have a responsibility to care for the little planet we all call home

That’s why we’ve partnered with Matr Boomie, a world-leading fair trade, sustainable wholesale collection that is helping us change the world one box at a time.

Partners for a Better World

When we created Wild and Wise Sisterhood, we knew we wanted to offer a subscription box unlike anything else on the market today. A gift box that would empower women, help artisans earn fair wages, and ultimately change lives.

We know that changing the world takes a village.

We have partnered with MATR BOOMIE, a member of the Fair Trade Federation and certified as a Gold Business by Green Business America.

Together, we work with a network of artisans in India who are able to support their families and send their children to school in exchange for their handcrafted goods. But this partnership goes way beyond fair wages.

We are impacting families, communities, and an entire country by investing in development projects, schools, healthcare, loan programs, sustainability workshops, scholarships, and more throughout India.

Join the Sisterhood

“Together We Can Make A Change”

Here’s How Matr Boomie Has Been Living
Their Values Since 2006 and Part of What Makes Us
So Proud To Partner With Them:

  • First company to develop a measurement tool that quantifies social impact
  • First fair trade wholesale company in the U.S. to publish a full sustainability report in 2013
  • Artisan partners earn 20-30% higher wages than in conventional markets
  • Have created long-term partnerships with over 900 artisans to date
  • Empowers artisans to receive livable wages and send their children to school
  • Re-invests 15% of net profits into artisan communities via medical clinics, schools, and public health infrastructure
  • Partnered with over 500 women artisans to close the gender gap in India
  • Offers literacy workshops, vocational training, and self-help workshops to empower artisans to achieve more

Facts We Want You To Know

What It Means To Be A Woman In India

44.5% of girls marry before the age of 18

52% of women think it is acceptable to be beaten by their spouse

Women earn 56% of what their male colleagues earn for the same work

Women’s pay decreases as their age increases

Women make up 85-90% of sweatshop workers

Poverty in India

1 out of 5 people in India live on $2 or less per day.

63% of households don’t have running water

66% of households don’t have access to preventative medicine

403,000 people in Indie die every year due to work-related problems

3,000,000+ people in rural India are illiterate

Your Impact

Break the cycle of poverty with a Sisterhood Subscription Box.

Empower artisans to earn livable wages (20-30% higher than conventional markets).

Help marginalized and minority artisans grow their confidence and gain independence .

Allow artisan partners to participate in skills trainings that increase their productivity .

Supporting People and Our Planet

When you sign up for the Wild and Wise Sisterhood Subscription Box, you’re not only choosing to receive beautiful, fair trade, handcrafted gifts. You are choosing to participate in the Wild and Wise Butterfly Effect that powerfully impacts people all across India.

Empower Women

Your quarterly subscription empowers artisan women and their families to earn fair wages, find their voice, and take pride in their craft. Closing the gender gap is proven to dramatically benefit countries as a whole.

Reshape Communities

$15 from the sale of every single Sisterhood box is contributed back to Wild and Wise Setu Projects. An initiative which supports projects that bring health care, education, and new opportunities to communities in need.

Love Our

You can rest assured that all items are ethically & sustainably sourced, & created using environmentally friendly processes. Matr Boomie also works with villages to provide education on sustainability, recycling, & more.

Enhance Your Life

Each handmade item in your gift box is unique, tells the story of an artisan & is handpicked to enhance the beauty & energy of your home & daily life. No fighting crowds or waiting in lineups, each box is delivered to your door for you.

For more detailed information about how your purchase directly impacts the artisans we have partnered with, learn more in the Impact Report below!

Impact Report

Check back here for a summary report on the difference you’re making in the world through the Sisterhood Subscription.

We are committed to transparency and as we collect data around the impact your purchase has made, we will be sharing that here with you. That’s a promise.

Giving Back Projects

$15 from the sale of every Sisterhood box is contributed back towards our Wild and Wise Setu Projects throughout our partner communities in India.

Wild and Wise Sisterhood will contribute $7.50 per box, and our partner Matr Boomie matches this contribution dollar for dollar for an unheard of total contribution of $15 per box!

This is a contribution over 15% of gross revenues, and is up to 30x what similar giving back initiatives contribute in the marketplace today!