“Matr Boomie has partnered with hundreds of businesses over the last 10 years of our history but I have not come across partners like W3 whose commitment to make a positive difference in lives of their partners is so deeply rooted.” ~ Manish Gupta

W3’s partnership will support 100s of artisans and their communities in India, giving them a voice, giving them faith and a path of empowerment.

W3 is embodiment to what inspiration is, not just words but a way of being. Matr Boomie is excited about this partnership and for bringing amazing gifts made with love and hope to all W3 sisterhood members.”

Manish Gupta, Founder and CEO, Matr Boomie

Hello Sisters,

I want to start by telling you a little bit about Manish (pronounced Man-eesh), the Founder and CEO of Matr Boomie. While I am eagerly anticipating meeting him in person during my trip to Texas this fall, we have only met and conversed so far via the oh so wonderful platform of Skype.

It is these experiences that make me so thankful for webcams and internet because it really was like we were in the same room together as we chose products for the upcoming boxes, brainstormed even more plans, and laughed a little at the ways our teams have “learned” to temper our ever-flowing river of ideas!

“That IS a great idea [Christa / Manish], just not possible to implement today.” Lol  Thank goodness for our teams!

I will be telling a bit of his story below, but I want to really acknowledge the spirit and light of Manish, how the love of his homeland and his conviction to create change shines from him like rays of light.  

How his fierce belief that the empowerment of women and protection of the earth are foundations that must not be ignored, and his powerful commitment to giving back to a land and a population that need it so dearly created just a few of the pillars that made a partnership inevitable in my mind.

There are no coincidences. This is a divine connection. To me anyway. 

You’ve heard about how Wild and Wise Sisterhood got started, and learned a little bit about the Founder (me) … now it’s time to learn about how Matr Boomie became what it is today and the part Manish (and in time his lovely wife Ruchi) played to make it so.

On a trip back to his native India after years living in the United States Manish was struck anew by the extreme material poverty of his homeland. With deep respect for the rich culture and potential of rural Indians, he began asking questions.

After hundreds of conversations and even more glasses of tea, Manish realized that he had a role to play — that he could bridge these two seemingly different worlds, and that the time to do so was now.

Manish started partnering with grassroots organizations to transform unskilled women and men into master artisans. He personally ensured that the materials were safe for people and kind to the land.

With the help of his mother and sister, Manish established a team in India to guarantee clear, efficient communications and high-quality production.

He gathered a team in Austin, Texas, to design collections that honor the culture, craft and capacity of Indian artisans, and along the way, he married a beautiful, inspiring Indian designer, Ruchi, who quickly became his partner in life, love and business.

Nearly a decade later, the little company run out of Manish and Ruchi’s Austin apartment has grown into the Matr Boomie we know today.

I am so proud to be collaborating with Manish and the entire international team of Matr Boomie on Wild and Wise Sisterhood. I do not know of another partner who we could have found that would have the excitement and commitment not only to the mission, vision, goals and dreams of his company but also to ours.

Added to that, Manish has committed to match every dollar contributed by Wild and Wise Sisterhood to the selected Wild and Wise Setu Improvement Projects for a total of $15.00 PER BOX SOLD.

Even Manish will express that this is an unheard of contribution amount in the marketplace today.  Together WE have the power to create real change. Thank YOU for being a part of the Wild and Wise Sisterhood – The Gift Box That Gives Back.

You Inspire Me.

**Note: Portions of this post have been shared to us from the Matr Boomie site to ensure accuracy when telling Manish’s story. Thank you Matr Boomie.