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With everything that is going on around the world: wildfires, hurricanes, violence, and so much more…

Grief and loss are all around us.

Not To Mention….

  • Our personal circumstances that include divorce, job loss, loss of our homes, friendships, lifestyle, possessions.
  • Most important and critical of all … our Loss of Self due to years of putting others first.
  • Putting our passions aside, and becoming numb to our lives.
  • It’s No Wonder We Don’t Even Recognize How Loss Has Affected Our Daily Lives, and the Lives of Those We Love.

That’s why our November’s Sisterhood Workshop topic such an important one:

Recovering From Loss and Finding Your Way

Join Us on Sunday, November 26 at 6 pm ET

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Your Wild and Wise Host For This Event Is…


Christa Thompson is the CEO and Founder of the online women’s inspirational and empowerment community Wild and Wise® Women. With over 300,000 members and growing, Christa is not only an influencer and a coach, she is also a trailblazer, creating a global village committed to empowering women around the world through community, inspiration, fair trade, entrepreneurship, education, and more.

Christa, through Wild and Wise, has taken the steps towards truly changing and inspiring all those who take part in her mission. In 2010, Christa was looking for something. She was looking for a safe space to connect with other women for support and community, inspiration and motivation, while managing career and life changes that were sometimes scary and lonely. When she couldn’t find that place … she did what all trail blazers, visionaries and serial-entrepreneurs do … she created it herself.

She hopes the Wild and Wise Women of the world will use this platform to invest in themselves and in each other for their growth, confidence, courage, and freedom to create and live the life they design!

Your Guests for This Life-Changing Workshop

Beverly Adamo

Beverly Adamo has experienced unimaginable loss with the passing of her husband (on two separate occasions!), her best friend, her home, her mom and her job – and has transformed all of these losses into a beautiful and abundantly rich life for her Self and her beautiful daughter!

She has used this experience in her work as an inspiring speaker, author and innovation catalyst, to help others tap into their spirit and create lives that reflect its’ brilliance.

Beverly is a certified Dream Coach,and a True Purpose Coach, but more importantly than that she is a mom, a sister-friend to many, and a bright light, through her thoughts, feelings, and actions, for others looking to find their way.

You do not want to miss her story, or the steps she took to find her own light again.

Christina Lerchen

Christina Lerchen is a certified Grief Recovery Specialist, a path she took after life knocked her down and heartbreaking loss unexpectedly showed up at her door.

Her work and writings have been featured in in magazines such as Self,, CBS Watch!, and Women’s World Daily.

Her work has also been syndicated through the The Today Show, Chicago Sun Times, Huffington Post,, and Yahoo Shine.

It is her passion to help people find a place where they can find compassion and guidance when life hits hard.

Christina is an expert who can share with you the best strategies she knows to truly begin taking your first steps (or your NEXT steps) to healing.

Also, Members Of The Wild And Wise Community Will Be Our VIP Guests!

Our members will share their own stories of loss, how they many have overcome the pain of losing someone dear to them, and request assistance for the next steps from our experts.

Why You NEED To Be At This Workshop!

  • You Are Tired Of Feeling Alone, And Unsure Of Which Way To Turn.
  • You Have Been Wearing A “Smile On Your Face” Despite Feeling Empty Inside.
  • You Are Sick of Feeling Stuck, While Everyone Else’s Life Seems To Be Moving Forward.
  • You Don’t Know The Right Things To Say To Someone Who Has Had A Loss.
  • You Are Grieving, and Wish People Understood and Knew What To Say To YOU.
  • You Want To Feel Good Again, But Don’t Know How.
  • You Long For Connection And Want To Belong To A Community That Really Cares About You.
  • The Holidays Are Coming, And The Season Has Been Difficult In The Past.
  • You Don’t Know Where To Begin.

Beautiful One, We Are Here For You!

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See For Yourself What Wild and Wise Women Are Saying …

“When I led Masters of Manifestation, my most intense and emotional workshop, it was Christa that I sought out to assist me. She is someone I trust completely to work with my participants on the deeper emotions that emerge, a testament to her expertise, her heart, and and her spiritual intent.”

~ Marcia Wieder

“Christina Lerchen is amazing, authentic and gentle! All amazing qualities when working through grief or life’s disappointments. She has helped me through ending relationships no longer in alignment, breakups, career guidance and day to day ups and downs and really listens to what is going on. Reminds me that self-care is of the most importance!”
~ Lisa Dove

“Christa is the best of all worlds! From my personal experience, I can state absolutely that Christa is brilliant when facilitating groups as well as working with individuals one-on-one. Christa’s open and generous heart created a space for me to discover how I can bring value to others, and myself, resulting in me starting and growing my own business. Christa is the best of all worlds because her clarity also allowed me to be completely honest with myself and navigate some of the more challenging aspects of the discovery process with grace and ease. Anyone looking for a consultant, facilitator, or coach who will support you unconditionally while at the same time holding you accountable and living a life of integrity, Christa is the one for you!”
~ Beverly Adamo

“Christa thank you SO much! After our session yesterday, I woke up this morning fatigued, but also with that peace and quiet that I think you’ve been speaking of. I have worked with a Professional in the industry for a long time trying to get to the bottom of what has been holding me back; but I have to say – you did more with me in 1 hour than we did in months!I know now I will be able to get myself unstuck and bring on that life and success I really want!”

~ Adriana Krywiak

“Christina Lerchen is that person because when she looks you in the eye and says “I understand, I see you, I love you,” she truly means it. She’s experienced the loss of a best friend, the sadness of a miscarriage, and the grief that comes with illness.
I’ve been through multiple losses of people very close to me (including my mom and grandparents) and I wish I’d had someone like Christina to teach me how to sit in, move through, and come out on the other side of grief.
She is powerful …”

~Tepsii Thendo Lufuno

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