What Is A Wild and Wise Setu Project?

One of the most exciting aspects of the Wild and Wise Sisterhood Gift Box are the Wild and Wise Setu Projects.

What are Wild and Wise Setu Projects you ask?

With every single subscription box that is purchased, a full $15 is being contributed to selected improvement projects in the rural communities where the Artisans who have created your gift box items reside.

We are so excited, as we know that this contribution amount (over 15% of gross revenues) is unheard of in any industry and up to 30x or more what other companies have committed.

Are we crazy? Probably … but it’s a really GREAT kind of crazy isn’t it?

We are so blessed that through the collaboration with our partner Matr Boomie, and their non-profit arm in India, SETU, we are able to ensure that 100% of the funds contributed are applied to the project, (also rare).

That’s right, there are no salaries, administrative costs or other mystery expenses that your contribution pays for. Only the execution and implementation of the project itself. This is a reason all on its’ own to join the sisterhood don’t you think?

Also, you will be able to follow the progress of each project that we sponsor!  You will receive a project report, along with images of the Wild and Wise Setu Project in action, and be a real part of the butterfly effect of world change that YOU have helped to initiate.

We are so proud of the Wild and Wise Sisterhood, the Wild and Wise Setu Projects, AND our partner, Matr Boomie, who takes care of all the administration costs for these projects, as their mission, commitment and vision for the improvement of these areas is strong, making their company (like ours) significantly “Heart-Led”.

We know that by empowering women around the world, we empower ALL women. As communities and families are strengthened by the improvement of health, literacy, education skills, and financial sustainability – entire countries are strengthened.

Join the Sisterhood.  As Matr Boomie would say: All One.  One Kin.

In the coming weeks we will be sharing with you more details about the Wild and Wise Setu Projects we (and you as a Sisterhood member) are sponsoring in our Artisan’s rural communities in India.

Doesn’t it feel good to know that by joining the Sisterhood you not only receive beautiful handcrafted gifts BUT that you are creating meaningful impact toward a more kind, conscious, and compassionate world?

I think so.

You Are Loved,

Founder of the Wild and Wise Sisterhood