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“Christa is the best of all worlds! From my personal experience, I can state absolutely that Christa is brilliant when facilitating groups as well as working with individuals one-on-one. Christa’s open and generous heart created a space for me to discover how I can bring value to others, and myself, resulting in me starting and growing my own business. Christa is the best of all worlds because her clarity also allowed me to be completely honest with myself and navigate some of the more challenging aspects of the discovery process with grace and ease. Anyone looking for a consultant, facilitator, or coach who will support you unconditionally while at the same time holding you accountable and living a life of integrity, Christa is the one for you!”

Beverly Adamo – Certified Dream Coach, True Purpose Coach, Founder & CEO at Creative Hearts International, Author.


“I love this concept of women supporting other women and I now know what my corporate and birthday gifts are going to be! There is so much in this box, and I know that my daughters are going to steal the Sari headband immediately. You know normally in these boxes are samples from cosmetic companies that want you to buy their products. But this box is actually things that you would use that are supporting other women. This is fantastic. Christa I love it. “

– Mel Robbins – Most-Booked Female Motivational Speaker In The World International Best-Selling Author of the ‘5 Second Rule’

“This box is amazing. It is something super important and special that we can contribute to. I love the idea of being able to feel the spirit of the artisans when I open the box and hold these gifts, and be inspired by what they have created. When we empower women we empower each other and ourselves, and that means so much to me. Thank you, Christa, for creating the Sisterhood. I am PROUD to be a part of it!”

~ Christina Lerchen Featured Author & Founder of The Best Unexpected.


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